Why FIT Design

We started in 2005 as a group of strategists and designers who desired to form relationships with clients that create lasting value. We focus on working tirelessly in making each client important, accompishing difficult solutions and producing the result.

Social Media Intern

Part time

Award-winning branding and design agency looking for the next big social media maven to help incite the masses into doing more and living better. Previous experience need not be a prerequisite, just a thirst for bringing exciting content to different demographics with a panaché that is unmistakable. Interns are fine, but a track record and experience is always appreciated. Please inquire within and let’s make magic happen.

Design Intern

Part time

Award-winning design is at the heart of your goals and aspirations. Are you self-starting in all the things you do? Can you inspire and collaborate with the best of them. Do you play well with others? We're looking for the next generation to start the next wave of design that will take over the thoughts of those you expose your designs to. Get in…make something.

Copywriter Intern

Part time and offsite

Wordsmithing is not only an art, it's the lifeblood of an agency's dreams. Headlines and copy evoke emotion that's unsaid but felt. Create words and sentences that propel actions and inspire motivations. We're looking for those purveyors of aspirations and want you to craft them for us.

Contact us

Send us your cv or portfolio to careersalternate_emailfitdesign.com and start a conversation to talk about the future.