About FIT design

A collective talent pool

FIT design is a vibrant group of marketing and design professionals that are committed to maximizing the presence of a company's brand in a consumer's mind. Extensive research goes into analyzing the client's products and services. Open critique of existing marketing provides the basis for actualizing goals and guidelines for the brand's success. Solid marketing strategies provide the basis for the architecture and the mission of the brand. With defined goals and parameters, appropriate marketing actions steps are taken in establishing the brand to its audience as a product that is worthy of recognition and most importantly, loyalty.


Graphic Design Awards 2012

Sangak International Logo
Motus logo and stationary
STRUT Website
RussBassett Website
MDC Motoring Helmet Pit Website
Corvette Art Website
HR Block direct response campaign 2011

Graphic Design Awards 2011

Biotone Chiropractic Advertisement
Biotone Cocoa-Comfort Ad March 2010
Biotone Spa Cocoa-Comfort Ad September 2010
Advanced Golf Performance Brochure
Advanced Golf Performance Logo
Brystan Studios Website
Lil Honu Website
Senda Happy Gram Website
Dana Innovations Business Card
Channel D logo

Graphic Design Awards 2010

University Preparatory School Logo
Copper Ridge Logo
RussBassett's Desience Console Website
RussBassett's Desience Website
Lender's Choice Website
Rogue Website
STRUT Website
Biotone Spa Preview Packaging
Biotone Cocoa-Comfort Ad

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